I get it. Meal planning can be time consuming which is why I decided to start sharing some of our family meals for the week! We tend to eat most of our meals at home and eat leftovers for lunch. My daughter has a few allergies so anything noted in parenthesis is how I modify her meal.

For example, she is allergic to eggs so I substitute eggs for a different source of protein at breakfast such as ground turkey or any other protein we have on hand. Most of the snacks are my daughter’s snacks but I will eat one when I need a snack in the afternoon.

Also, I tend to cook throughout the week instead of meal prepping on a specific day, but do what works best for you and your family. Download the PDF below for links to the recipes I’m using this week. While I tend to cook on the fly fairly often, I’ll link to a recipe when I use one. Enjoy!Meal Ideas

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