Are you and your family feeling stir crazy? Are you wondering how help your family stay active when it seems like no one can agree on an activity? Here’s a fun game the whole family can play! Feel free to change up the moves and or number of different activities to accommodate your family.

Equipment Needed: 
family play– Space to move (outdoors recommended. Indoors is ok too but you will need to be more careful.)
– Deck of cards or a small stack of blank note cards labeled 1-13
– Ball or Frisbee
– Optional: music and hula hoop

How it works:
– Each person draws a card and then everyone does the move together! I recommend writing out the moves so everyone can easily see what to do when you draw the card. Rotate from youngest to oldest.
– Each number stands for a different move (feel free to change these up to fit your family)

Ace – Lap around the yard 1x
2 – Bear Crawl down and back
3 – Hula hoop 3x (this could also be run and find something specific in the yard, somersault, hop through the sprinklers, twirl, etc)
4 – Toss or kick the ball to someone 4x
5 – Push-up’s (or high fives for smaller kids) 5x
6 – Squats 6x
7 – Throw a ball straight up and catch 7x
8 – Skips x8
9 – Giant Steps x9
10 – High Knees or March x10
Jack or 11 – Gallop across the yard and back
Queen or 12 – Inch Worm x2
King or 13 – Dance move of your choice (everyone else has to copy it…please send me a video! :))
Optional Joker – people’s choice!

Have fun with it and be flexible!

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