Do you ever find the internet to be exhausting? Maybe you’re searching for the best pregnancy or baby products and before you know it, you’re overwhelmed by options. Data overload can also happen when it comes to finding a personal trainer. You probably have your go-to hair stylist and babysitter. You spent plenty of hours researching the best OB, pediatrician, dentist, and more. So when it comes to a personal trainer, how do you know where to start? Sure, there are plenty of trainers out there and you can go potluck for one at a local gym. Or maybe your friend used someone to help her train for a triathlon. There are some fantastic trainers out there. But what about when you’re pregnant, postpartum or trying to become pregnant? Here are a few things to consider:

  1. Are your fitness goals in line with their specialty? This is HUGE! I can recommend the best of the best trainers in town for a variety of specialties, but would you go to someone who specializes in training women for bodybuilding competitions when you’re pregnant?
  2. Is the trainer certified in their specialty? If they’re certified, what type of course did they complete? Was it an 8-hour weekend course or more extensive?
  3. Does the trainer have insurance? If a trainer is operating their own business, they should have liability insurance. Most trainers are covered if they are part of a larger gym, so always confirm.
  4. Do you vibe with their personality? Are you looking for someone to yell at you to drop and give them 20, slave away for hours in the gym, and cut out all of the food you love, or do you prefer a more encouraging approach, with a trainer who creates a body-positive environment, one who welcomes you with a big smile when you walk through the door, one who pushes you to create sustainable results, and helps you to feel proud of what you accomplish all while meeting your goals?
  5. Have you read their testimonials? If you can’t find any testimonials, consider asking the trainer for a list of references.
  6. Do they produce results? Many times trainers will offer one-off training sessions, which can be a way to get to know a trainer, but this typically won’t give you an opportunity to see long-term results after a single session.
  7. Do they have experience? Are you looking for someone new to the industry because they are cheap or someone who is experienced and possibly more expensive?

At Lillian June Wellness we specialize in prenatal, postpartum and trying to conceive personal training. I’m a Certified Prenatal & Postnatal Coach (CPPC) which is a 22-week course and requires you to pass five tests. I am required to retest every two years to keep up with my CPPC certification in addition to completing continuing education for my general fitness and CPR certifications. Lillian June Wellness is insured and requires certifications for insurance purposes. I have 13 years of experience in the fitness industry and I’m also a new mother. I understand that there are challenging parts to pregnancy including nausea, lack of energy, food aversion, emotional and physical changes, and more. I work with my clients through all of these challenges to help them reach their goals regardless of where they are in life. I utilized my own training techniques during pregnancy to stay healthy and active and I plan to continue training following pregnancy to reach my goals. All of my training programs are grouped into packages so you can ultimately reach your goals and see results!

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